de:comments review

The main difference from commenting systems like Disqus, Cackle, SVkament, IntenseDebate, SolidOpinion, Livefyre, HyperComments and finally Facebook comments — is that we’ve made it as a plugin instead of a third-party commenting system.

Absorbing the best of the listed solution’s functionality, de:comments “pumps” native WordPress comments with new features and keeps all the comment metadata locally in your database.

In simpler explanation let us use Disqus system as an example:

  1. If your site has an option to register and login, in Disqus, the users will have to log in separately. Twice, through their own or through social networks. There is an SSO solution, but very small number of users care for complications.
  2. After using Disqus for several years, you have accumulated a huge database of metadata and comments to them (likes / dislikes, user rating, badges, media attachments, date of an edit, etc.). One day you decide to switch to another comments system or back to WordPress native  comments. Because there is synchronization with your database all your comments will stay with you, but all the metadata will remain in Disqus. You will lose likes/dislikes, pictures, dates and all the edited and deleted data. There will only be text and author information (name / e-mail).
  3. In the third-party comments-systems, you can’t change its appearance and localization. You are limited to settings and preset design schemas. You can only use the built-in set of languages. In other words, third-party services — not customizable.

Of course, a huge plus of Disqus or Facebook comments — it is free of charge, but all the other listed services charge a recurring fee or a one-time payment for each download. We’ve gone with the latter. We sell the final version of the product that does not constitute a SaaS. Instead,  we charge an annual fee for support and updates.

Here are some features of de:comments:


  1. Plugin is ready for localization. All terms are gathered in .po-file. This allows you to easily and quickly translate plugin in any language or fix. For example, rename the «Comment» button into any word desirable like «Post» or «Send» etc.
    To date, the plugin has only English version, but in the next two weeks, during the first update, we are scheduled to extend the set of languages, adding: Belarusian, Spanish, German, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Ukrainian, and more.
  2. Any customization of graphics and styles is available simply by editing the .css-file. An example of such customization can be seen in the slides on the first screen of the de:comments web-site. We have huge plans for development comment themes, user-friendly interface to set colors, fonts, icons, etc.
  3. When a user logs in to the site, they are authorized in the comments, as well as the built-in WordPress comments.
    Easy integration with the best open-source plugin for social authorization WP Social login. You can allow people to login to your site via social networks. After activating this plugin, the comment form can have the following view:
  4. The plugin works with the Multisite-system. You only need to purchase one license and activate the plug-in for the entire network.
  5. Likes and dislikes system. If you select the “sort by popularity” method then the popular comments will be displayed at the top thread. You can make disliked comments semi-transparent.
  6. You can assign badges on the basis of the comment amount or the total amount of likes or dislikes to the user’s comments. Icons that will be displayed next to the user in all his comments: decomments-badges
  7. You can attach pictures to your comments, including GIFs, and insert a direct link to Youtube video, tweet or photo in Instagram. All of these links will automatically transform into embedded posts.
  8. If your theme is adaptive, comments are scaled down to fit your screen.

Above were the 8 main features of de: comments plugin. Here is a list of  less advertised, but no less important features:

  • Security. If you enter an address that is already registered on the site with de: comments plugin, the system will require you to log in. This is an important feature. Try to do the same in simple WP: In comments section enter someone’s e-mail and it will let you post as a different person. This loophole calls for a scandal :)
  • Ability to edit or delete your comment. You can set the time remaining to edit comments in the plugin’s settings. Deleted comment does not delete the thread of responses on it. System leaves an imprint that this comment has been deleted, but the responses are saved.
  • Quoting. You can start a comment with a piece of text to which your cue.
  • AJAX loads the comment section when it appears on the screen, the so-called lazy load. AJAX reloads comments instead of pagination and posts comments without reloading the page.
  • Email notifications for replies to your comments and subscription to all comments to post.
  • Easy sharing links to popular social networks, a list of which can be edited in the settings.

That’s not all! We have big plans, including the launch of a referral program.

Some of our clients have been using de: comments, links to them on the main page. Try it yourself!

You can leave suggestions and questions on the Support page.

We hope that you enjoy our product and that you’ll share the information about it on social networks.