The Role Of Comments In Reader Engagement


Some may say that comments are not so important or even harmful to a website. Indeed, most users do not comment on what they read, and comments can contain unwanted criticism or represent toxic behavior. However, having comments on your site might be a powerful instrument if you master how to manage it. It’s not so hard as you might think and with our help, you will be able to learn this skill in no time.

So, why do you even need comments? 

Imagine you go to buy an airplane ticket at the tourist agency. You walk into the office. You stand in the middle of the room for a few minutes, but no one greets you or even asks if they can help you. You feel excluded and unwanted, right?

Quite the same thing is happening if you are not answering your readers’ queries in a timely manner or don’t have a user-friendly comment section on your website. Your readers are out of the circle and don’t have a forum to share their thoughts. So, there are four perfect arguments in favor of having comments on your website.

  • Time users spend on your website

    It is obvious that users who are engaged in conversations would be spending more time on the page. However, what is less obvious, is that even those who don’t usually write comments might consider staying on your website a bit longer and reading comments as additional content.

  • Source of useful information

    Some brands are afraid criticism will affect their reputation thus restrict any option of public conversation on their territory. This is not how you want to work with the feedback if you intend to build a long-term reputation. If you sell a product, a user, who isn’t satisfied with its quality, will just stop using it. However, if he or she has a way to express their concerns, it might keep them from making this huge mistake. Besides, it is better when you control the conversation on your platform. In case of a media, it’s all about discussion

  • Reputation

    As we continue the topic of feedback, even negative comments can work for your reputation, not against it. The key is your response. It is quite clear to a customer that any product might have flaws, but not all companies reply to their customers quickly, and what’s even more important – humanly. This will add significant value to your brand.

  • Community

    At some point, you may notice that some users are knowing each other by the names, sharing a lot of helpful advice and even defending your brand from the trolls and unconstructive criticism. That’s how you know you have a community around your product. This is great news as it opens a whole new level of interaction with your readers or customers, but that’s another story for our blog.

In conclusion

Comments in the right hands can be a great instrument for improving the quality of services you provide to your customers. However, it’s essential to have a functional comments management tool.

The de:comments plugin created by deco.agency is an ultimate tool both to customers and website owners. Using this plugin, your users will be able to log in with their favorite social network or e-mail, post any type of content, up or downvote comments, and this is not even a full list of the possibilities. You, in turn, are going to have a possibility to moderate discussions with a full set of instruments such as editing, deleting, banning and so on. Unlike others, this plugin is absolutely ad-free, so you won’t see any unwanted content on your website.

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