Why Typos Matter?


Whether you like it or not, typography errors do matter because it can conserve the most costly resource you have—readership. Telling the truth, your WordPress website is not worth a dime if it doesn’t have any valuable content for your readers.

Some people are down on typos or other writing mistakes and have their opinion about that. And, it is solely your responsibility as a writer to keep your readers satisfied. You better don’t take a chance to suppress them by low-quality content and, in particular, by typography. If there are any suggestions from your readers on how to improve your writing, you should follow them.

Engaging your community

Picture this, you’ve actually made a writing error in your blog. You’d hate it. However, if two heads are better than one, then the collective mind of your readers’ community is way more powerful. That’s okay. You’re a human, as well as your readers are. Don’t hesitate to show it to your followers and give them the voice to point out your minor errors.

However, there’s another side of a coin. What if readers prefer discussing your typos instead of your thoughts? That would be unfortunate because it forms an unhealthy atmosphere in your community and points out your mistakes rather than the good content you created. Deleting of such comments might be an option only if you want to be accused of censorship and disrespect. So, is there a way of giving readers an opportunity to help you without negative after-effects?

All is possible with the right tool

The solution exists, and it’s called Mistape.

Mistape is a simple plugin for WordPress which allows any reader to notify you about typos and mistakes in your texts. A user highlights a mistake, press Ctrl+Enter, adds a comment if needed, and presses “Send”. You receive a notification via e-mail right away and can fix it in no time.

The basic functionality is simple yet effective. But for those who want more, there is. Premium functionality includes built-in admin panel and useful statistics.

Download Mistape for free today, and start improving the quality of your texts with the readers now.

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